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Getting Into The Rythem:

Hello Tennis Enthousiast,

Great to have you on this blog today,

Today I put on our own EDS design Tennis Performance Hat
or 'Thinking Cap' if you like, and explain somethingabout getting your strokes right. Tennis Performance Hat
Tennis Performance Hat
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Some years ago on tv I saw a Tennis Instructor
explain something that I do think can help you learn tennis. Something that isn't
specifically about the tennis technique itself, more something that
works like a guiding force for your training tennis. Something
that can help you with hitting the ball exactly at the right time.

O.K. enough enticipation, by now you might ask
what this magical guiding force might be,
well it simply is - Timing -

Tennis Tip

A Great way to get a better timing is to 'Make a Little Music'
with your tennis or to be more specific to discover rythem
in your tennis a great way to find the rythem in your tennis
is by adding an anticipating 'AND'

So you see the ball on the other site go
'Bounce', 'Hit'.....,(ball gets on your side)

Than 'Bounce', - AND - 'Hit' that basically it.
You can also discover other great
Tennis Ware Designs

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